Do Cleansing Teas Like Oolong Anti-Obesity and Hyssop Tea Work As a Laxative?


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Neither tea works as a laxative. Hyssop tea's cleansing actions are derived from its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, according to Tao of Herbs. On the other hand, a study published in the International Journal of Obesity in 1999 reports oolong tea accelerates fat metabolism due to a high caffeine content.

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Hyssop tea is used to cleanse airways by loosening mucus from the lungs and throat. It is also a potent anti-viral supplement, and studies have found it to be effective against herpes simple, adds Tao of Herbs. Ursolic acid, a component of hyssop tea, has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to reduce fevers and congestion. Herbalists also believe hyssop tea is able to reduce bloating and cramping, and is effective at cleansing the urinary tract, reports Tao of Herbs.

Research on oolong tea has found much more precise results. The 1999 study in the International Journal of Obesity administered oolong tea to a subset of mice undergoing a high fat diet for ten weeks. The researchers did not find significant differences in the mice's appetites, but did find that oolong tea prevented fatty liver and obesity caused by the diet. The tea's effectiveness was accounted for by a high caffeine content, as well as an inhibitory effect on pancreatic lipase.

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