How Do You Cleanse Toxins From Your Body?


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There is little evidence supporting the effectiveness of detoxification diets, which are popular among people who want to cleanse their bodies of toxins, according to Mayo Clinic. Additionally, colon cleanses, another common method of detoxification, also have little support and are potentially risky.

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The human body is effective at eliminating toxins from the body, reports Mayo Clinic. Both the kidneys and the liver remove toxic substances, and as of 2015, detoxification diets don't have clinic evidence showing that they remove any additional toxins. People on these diets often report feelings an improved level of health, but this may be related to eliminating processed foods from their diets.

Colon cleanses are also popular, but the human body already has mechanisms for removing toxic material from the digestive tract, rendering colon cleanses unnecessary, explains the Mayo Clinic. Colon cleansing also present some risks. Dehydration is a possible side effect, and bowel perforations can lead to complications. The process can lead to infections, and it can change the body's electrolyte levels, which can cause problems in people with heart or kidney problems.

Those looking to improve their health might want to consider focusing on eating a well-rounded diet and exercising regularly, as Mayo Clinic advises. The institution also encourages people considering these detoxification diets to view them as a way to initiate a healthier diet, which yields long-term health benefits.

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