How Do You Cleanse Your Liver by Eating Ordinary Foods?


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One method of cleansing the liver with natural foods is doing a whole foods and juice fast. Little research has been done on juice fasts, as of 2015, but many alternative medicine proponents encourage the practice, says About.com.

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An example of a popular liver flush diet involves drinking two glasses of organic apple juice every two hours for two days. Only consume organic fruits and vegetables during the two days, says About.com. When the two days are over, take 1 or 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt dissolved in water and then a 1/2 cup of olive oil with lemon juice near bed time. Alternative medicine practitioners claim that this flush helps detoxifies the body and can help treat gallstones.

Containing a high amount of malic acid, it is believed that apple juice helps weaken adhesions between solid globules, explains About.com. The Epsom salt helps dilate the bile duct to allow larger solid materials to exit the gallbladder. Unrefined olive oil stimulates the bile duct to contract and expel gallstones.

Little is known about the safety of this liver flush, says About.com. It is suggested that those with gallstones do not participate in it. Consult a physician before engaging in a liver flush.

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