How Do You Cleanse Your Gallbladder With Juices?


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While individuals have used a combination of olive oil, fruit juice and herbs to cleanse the gallbladder, there is no medical evidence as of 2015 that such a concoction is effective in cleansing the organ, says Mayo Clinic. A person who has gallstones should have them treated by a medical professional.

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Drinking a gallbladder cleanse supposedly helps to break down gallstones while stimulating the gallbladder to flush the stones in stool, according to Mayo Clinic. While a person may see something that might look like a gallstone in his stool, what he is more than likely seeing is a collection of juice and oil. The reason an individual may feel like voiding his bowels after drinking the concoction is that the olive oil acts as a laxative.

There are risks involved with using juice, herbs and olive oil in an attempt to cleanse the gallbladder, notes Mayo Clinic. A person may experience vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, or diarrhea either while attempting a cleansing or flushing of the gallbladder. Some of the herbs used in the mixture can also come with individual health complications.

Several proven medical treatments can be used to successfully and safely treat gallstones, says Mayo Clinic. Such medical treatments include sound wave therapy, surgical removal and bile salt tablets.

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