How Do You Do a Cleanse?

How Do You Do a Cleanse?

To complete a cleanse successfully, begin phasing out sugar and caffeine in the week leading up to the cleanse, and then commit to a week-long diet of only consuming high-nutrient foods and a significant amount of water. Cleanse for longer than one week if you prefer.

  1. Prepare for your cleanse

    The week before your cleanse, avoid dairy, sugar, wheat, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, canned foods, packaged meals and fast foods. Eat your vegetables raw or slightly steamed. Avoid diet sodas and coffee, and start boosting your water intake.

  2. Focus on the right foods

    Make a list of foods you want to consume during your cleanse. Include dried, frozen or fresh fruits, natural and unsweetened juices, sea vegetables, such as wakame, nori or kelp, and cleansing vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, artichokes, beets and dark, leafy greens. Add fiber-rich grains, such as quinoa or buckwheat, to the list, and include healthy nuts, such as raw almonds.

  3. Stick to your cleaning regimen

    Follow your cleansing regimen for at least seven days, adding more days as you see fit. Avoid overexerting yourself during the first few days of the cleanse, as you may feel a bit tired. After completing your cleanse, avoid adding a lot of processed foods back into your diet, and adopt a permanent healthy-eating routine.