How Do You Clean Smiley Piercings?

Clean a smiley piercing using a salt water solution or an alcohol-free mouthwash after each meal, or whenever soreness or redness appears. Do not use an alcohol-based mouthwash because this will irritate the area and cause soreness.

  1. Mix the salt water solution

    Boil one cup of water and pour it into a mug or cup. Mix in 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. Do not use iodized or table salt. Allow the solution to cool down until you can comfortably drink it. Make sure that it isn't so hot that it will burn you.

  2. Rinse and soak the piercing

    Sip some of the salt water, or an alcohol-free mouthwash, and lightly swish it around your mouth. Gargle it to clean out your whole oral cavity.

  3. Avoid harsh contaminants

    During the first few days after getting your smiley piercing, it needs time to heal. You should avoid hot, spicy, salty, or acidic foods because they cause your mouth to heal more slowly. Smoking may also be bad for your smiley piercing because it can cause infection. If you do smoke, rinse your mouth out with salt solution or a mixture of one part alcohol-free mouthwash to 10 parts water after every time you smoke.