How Do You Clean Invisalign Retainers?

Although you can purchase the Invisalign Cleaning System to keep an Invisalign tray clean, odor-free and clear, it may not be economically feasible. There are other effective ways to clean it that work as well, such as Efferdent or Polident, Retainer Brite, mouthwash, antibacterial liquid soap, hydrogen peroxide or vinegar.

Some dentists do not recommend using denture cleaners like Efferdent or Polident to clean Invisalign trays because they may become cloudy, but many patients disagree. Soak the tray in a prepared solution according to package instructions for about 15 minutes for thorough cleaning.

Retainer Brite works the same way as a denture cleaner. Because it is formulated with the proper pH, it does not cause the tray to become cloudy.

Soaking the tray in mouthwash can also keep it clean and odor free. A mouthwash with dyes, however, can discolor the tray, so use one that is also for whiting, as it will be a clear liquid.

Brushing the tray with antibacterial liquid hand or dish soap is also a very effective way to clean Invisalign trays. With this method, be certain to thoroughly rinse the tray before wearing.

Both hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are also effective tray cleaning methods and significantly cheaper than using a denture cleaner. Soak the tray in a solution of half hydrogen peroxide or vinegar and half water for about 20 minutes.