How Do I Clean Ecstasy Out of My System?

No medically-proven technique can clean ecstasy out of a person's system, and people who use the recreational drug need to wait for the drug to run its course before they are symptom-free, Columbia Health asserts. Ecstasy lowers serotonin levels in the brain, but artificial serotonin does not improve these symptoms.

According to The Ana Liffey Drug Project site, ecstasy stays in a person's urine for three or four days after ingestion. The drug remains in a person's hair up to 90 days after and typically stays in the bloodstream for one or two days.

Columbia Health says even though users cannot clean their system of the drug, they can lessen side effects by avoiding depressing elements such as alcohol and stress.

While the effects of ecstasy include a feeling of euphoria and extreme relaxation, users typically experience feelings of deep depression and anxiety after these effects wear off, according to the Institute for Substance Abuse Treatment Evaluation. This is because the drug uses serotonin, a mood-enhancing chemical naturally produced in the brain, to increase happiness while users experience the drug's effects. Once ecstasy leaves the body, the brain is depleted of its natural serotonin reserves, and it can take days or weeks for serotonin levels to return to normal.

The nutrient 5-hydroxytryptophan sometimes is used to help serotonin levels, but this is not proven as an effective treatment for ecstasy's side effects.