How Do You Clean Your Contact Lens Case?

clean-contact-lens-case Credit: leewaywood/CC-BY-2.0

Most people know to clean their contact lenses regularly, but few realize that it is just as important to clean and replace the contact lens case. Washing it regularly and replacing it every three months helps keep your eyes healthy.

  1. Wash the case with water and solution

    Dump the old solution out of the case, and rub the case with clean fingers and contact lens solution. Rinse with hot water. Do this every time you use the case.

  2. Air dry

    Wipe off what you can of the water, then place face down in a non-humid place. When it is dry, the case is ready to reuse.

  3. Replace regularly

    Discard your case, and use a new one every three months. Old cases can pass on infections and bacteria.