What Are Some Classic Signs of Depression?

Classic signs of clinical depression are feelings of sadness, guilt and irritability, explains Everyday Health. People with depression may have physical symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, general pains and digestive problems. They also can experience changes in appetite or sleep patterns, suicidal thoughts and a loss of interest in formerly pleasurable tasks. Many people have some of these symptoms occasionally, but people with depression suffer severe symptoms that do not go away after several weeks.

Symptoms of depression can vary by gender, according to HelpGuide.org. Men are more likely to experience irritability, fatigue, sleep disruption and loss of interest. They may become more aggressive, angry or violent. Some men display reckless behavior and misuse drugs or alcohol. Women are more likely to overeat, gain weight, sleep more and feel guilty when depressed. Women are also twice as likely as men to experience clinical depression.

Depressed teens of both genders often feel irritable when depressed, notes HelpGuide.org. They have difficulty holding their temper and may be grumpy or hostile. Teens also report many physical signs of depression, such as general aches and pains.

Seniors with depression often identify the physical symptoms of depression but may dismiss the emotional components of this illness, explains HelpGuide.org. Situational depression, due to bereavement or loss of health, can grow into clinical depression with symptoms that seniors attribute to getting older.