What Claims Exist About Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss?


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A Japanese research study suggested that apple cider vinegar turns on genes that aid in the breakdown of fat, reports WebMD. The study followed 175 obese people for 12 weeks, and those taking apple cider vinegar lost between one and two pounds over the course of three months.

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The Japanese study is the only research investigating apple cider vinegar's role in weight loss, according to WebMD. Apple cider vinegar may have some weight loss benefits, but these benefits are very subtle. There is more evidence that apple cider vinegar helps control blood sugar, with effects that are similar to certain medications. The vinegar inhibits some of the digestion of starch that raises blood sugar.

Other possible benefits of apple cider vinegar include heart protection, according to Shape magazine. Japanese research showed apple cider vinegar reduced blood pressure in rats, but the study has not been completed in humans. Additionally, fermented foods such as vinegar have been proven to help digestion by improving the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar also contains antioxidant-rich polyphenols, Eating diets high in antioxidant-rich foods may help reduce cancer risk, states Shape Magazine. It may also balance pH levels and help restore alkalinity in the body, which may boost metabolism and strengthen immunity.

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