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The Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, or CKD, is a diet plan that limits carbohydrates for five to six days, followed by a refeeding period that lasts one to two days. Any type of food is allowed on this diet as long as the carbohydrate goals are met, although both Bodybuilding.com and Simply Shredded recommend increasing fat intake on low-carb days to combat feelings of fatigue and hunger.

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The belief behind CKD is that when the body does not receive enough carbohydrates, it begins to burn fat instead, reducing existing body fat and preventing additional fat from forming. The switch can last up to three days.

On high-carb days, keep protein levels high but reduce fat accordingly. Bodybuilding.com recommends arranging meals so that high-carb days fall on the weekend, to allow eating and socializing with friends without breaking the diet. Simply Shredded emphasizes the need to eat carbohydrates with low glycemic indexes to avoid fat gain and keep insulin levels stable.

Drastically reducing carbohydrate intake affects people differently. Bodybuilding.com suggests limiting intake to 60 grams or less per day, which results in poor or sluggish athletic performance and brain fog. However, these side effects vanish once the body has finished adapting. Bodybuilding.com also refutes the belief that high-fat and low-carb diets result in increased cholesterol.

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