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Citizens Disability is an advocacy group for social security disability, as stated by Better Business Bureaus. Its services include offering assistance to claim Social Security through filing forms and providing representation during hearings.

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Citizens Disability helps disabled citizens receive Social Security Disability benefits. Its workers assist in navigating the complicated procedures and hearings required when seeking disability benefits. The organization operates a helpline that attends to clients queries. Its website's helpline page has a list of frequently asked questions. In addition to aiding in filing initial applications, the institution has advocates who file appeals, write to judges on the client's behalf, meet deadlines and represent the client during hearings, notes Citizens Disability.

The institution charges a fee on successful claims only, at a rate of 25 percent of the amount, and up to $6000, as of 2015. A person qualifies for Social Security Disability Insurance if he satisfies the Social Security's definition of total disability, is insured and applies for the benefits before attaining full retirement age. The grounds for denial of an initial claim include inadequate medical evidence of a disabling condition, an incorrect filing of a previous application, and working beyond substantial gainful activity levels. The amount of benefit depends on the applicant's age, type of benefit and past earnings, explains Citizens Disability.

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