What Are Some Cities That Offer Senior Shuttles?

What Are Some Cities That Offer Senior Shuttles?

As of January 2016, the cities of Boston, Massachusetts; Seattle, Washington; and San Antonio, Texas, offer shuttles for senior citizens. Los Angeles, California, offers a system called Cityride, which provides elderly individuals and qualified disabled people with specialized transportation solutions.

In Boston, anyone age 60 and above is eligible to ride the senior shuttle. The door-to-door shuttle is free and wheelchair-accessible. It transports senior citizens to non-emergency medical appointments and is also available to transport seniors to recreational events if they provide advance notice of at least one month.

The senior shuttle in Seattle and several other Washington cities is called the Hyde Shuttle. It is free to ride and takes seniors to destinations such as medical appointments, the grocery store, hot meal programs and senior centers. Seniors aged 55 and older and people with disabilities are eligible to ride. There are designated shuttles for a variety of neighborhoods and cities, including shuttles for Beacon Hill, West Seattle, Central Seattle and Des Moines. Each shuttle operates only within its service area.

The free senior shuttles in San Antonio are only available to seniors enrolled at city-operated senior centers. They transport senior citizens who live within five miles of their center to and from the center. The shuttle is free but welcomes donations.

Cityride services people age 65 and older and disabled persons in Los Angeles. Cityride members have access to the Dial-A-Ride service, which provides transportation in lift-equipped vans, and reduced prices on taxi rides from select companies.