What is ciclopirox topical nail solution used for?


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MedlinePlus reports that ciclopirox topical nail solution is used to treat fungal infections of the fingernails and toenails. Ciclopirox improves the condition of nails, but it may not cure the fungal infection completely. Nails with a fungal infection are typically discolored, split and painful.

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MedlinePlus notes that a doctor diagnoses the fungal infection and prescribes ciclopirox. Patients are typically directed to trim their nails weekly and apply the solution once every day. Patients should avoid swimming, bathing and showering for eight hours after the solution is applied. Avoid spreading the solution to the eyes, nose, mouth, vagina and other skin areas. Nail polishes, nail brushes and other nail products should not be used during the treatment period. It can take six months to see improvement in the condition of the nails.

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