Are Chronic Red Hands the Signs of a Major Illness?


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Chronic redness of the hands or feet could be the result of a disorder called Erythromelalgia, according to The Erythromelalgia Association. This is a rare condition that causes redness, burning heat and intense pain in the hands or feet.

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Are Chronic Red Hands the Signs of a Major Illness?
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Erythromelalgia is difficult to diagnose due to its rarity and unknown causes. Typically, this condition is precipitated by another neuropathy, blood illness or even inherited genetic mutations. This particular condition can also be called Erythermalgia. It is important to specifically ask a medical professional to research this condition due to its rarity. This particular condition is known for the pain and burning associated with redness in the extremities, so a lack of these symptoms may signify a different condition.

Pain and burning associated with this illness may not always be constant, but may be present in occasional flare-ups associated with physical activity or repetitive movement. There are medications available to help treat this condition, but many sufferers report that it takes some trial and error to find the right combination and dosage. Often, someone with this condition is required to limit certain activities or make total lifestyle changes to alleviate the pain. When pain is not serious, over-the-counter pain relievers or basic cooling applications may be all that is necessary to treat the symptoms.

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