How Is Chronic Fatigue Treated?


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Chronic fatigue may be treated with gentle exercise, psychological counseling and medication, according to Mayo Clinic. Home treatment is the most important component of treating chronic fatigue syndrome, according to WebMD.

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How Is Chronic Fatigue Treated?
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An individual with chronic fatigue syndrome can meet with a physical therapist to find the best types of exercise treatment, according to Mayo Clinic. The individual may find it most beneficial to begin with small amounts of exercise and gradually increase to a greater exercise intensity over time.

The combination of an exercise program and psychological counseling seems to be the most effective treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome, according to Mayo Clinic. Psychological counseling can help improve the individual’s perspective and lifestyle.

Medications prescribed for chronic fatigue may include antidepressants or sleeping pills, according to Mayo Clinic. Individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome are often also depressed.

An individual can treat chronic fatigue at home by ensuring the sleeping area is comfortable, going to bed only when sleepy, getting up at the same time each day, only consuming caffeine, alcohol or tobacco well before bedtime, and eating a well-balanced diet, according to WebMD. Additional ways to treat chronic fatigue at home include taking short naps if needed earlier in the day; doing work and activities at times during the day when the individual feels more energized; avoiding overworking; taking nonprescription pain medication for any pain or headaches; and joining a support group.

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