How Do You Choose a Wristband Pedometer?


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Some things to consider when choosing a wristband pedometer are how one wants to wear the pedometer, what the person wants the pedometer to do and pedometer distance accuracy, as well as the applications, features and programs the pedometer offers. Some people may also want a pedometer that uploads and displays their data.

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For people who want the option to wear their pedometer anywhere, choose a pocket pedometer or wear anywhere model. Wristband pedometers, such as the Nike Fuelband or the Fitbit Flex, are another popular choice. Those who want a pedometer to count total daily steps should choose one that is small and comfortable to wear everyday and be sure not to choose a pedometer that is only made for use during workouts. People who want a pedometer to track workouts should choose one that has a workout setting or a reset feature because some pedometers automatically reset at midnight and are ineffective at measuring specific workouts. More advanced model pedometers are able to count both total daily steps and track workouts.

Some features that pedometers offer include distance estimate, calories burned estimate and stopwatch, as well as pulse monitor, pace estimate and alarm. People should consider what features are most important to them when buying a pedometer. Accelerometers are more accurate pedometers than spring models.

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