How Do You Choose a Support Group?


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To find the right support group, ask for help, compare the various options available, consider location and group dynamics. A support group is a gathering of individuals with a common health concern or interest, according to Mayo Clinic.

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How Do You Choose a Support Group?
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Support groups are often formed to help individuals cope or deal with the problems they are facing. A support group may be formed to deal with matters of relationships, substance addiction, health or any other important aspect of life. Individuals in such groups share their experiences and help each other overcome situations that may seem insurmountable. To find the right support group, do the following:

  1. Seek help from a relevant source
  2. Consulting a personal doctor can be a good way to obtain information regarding support groups in the community, notes Mayo Clinic. Loved ones or individuals that have gone through a similar experience can help in giving recommendations. The internet and organizations dedicated to the issue in question can equally provide good leads.

  3. Compare the options available
  4. After finding a number of recommendations, narrow down the search by comparing the groups available. This can be done by selecting groups that are specifically dealing with the problem in question.

  5. Consider location
  6. It is a good idea to choose a support group that is within reach. This ensures that whenever there is a pressing matter, immediate help can be obtained.

  7. Make contact with the group's administration
  8. Talking to an official responsible for the group can be a good way to determine its dynamics. It can also help in the final decision regarding the most appropriate support group to join.

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