How Do You Choose the Right Running Shoes?


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Running shoes should be chosen based on foot type. A person's foot type is determined by consulting an expert at a running specialty store or by self-analysis.

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The three basic types of feet are high-arched, flat and neutral. A person determines his foot type by placing his wet feet on a piece of paper and examining the mark left behind. A high-arched footprint curves inward, and the middle portion of the foot appears very skinny. Someone who has high arches is likely to roll his feet outward as he runs.

If a person has high arches, he should choose cushioned shoes that are designed to absorb the shock caused as the foot elongates when it strikes the ground. If the footprint reveals little or no arch, then a person has flat feet. Flat-footed feet roll inward when running, and a motion-control or stability shoe is needed to correct this issue. Neutral feet leave a footprint with a noticeable but not too pronounced curve inward. A person with neutral feet has the most freedom when it comes to choosing an appropriate running shoe. Since neutral feet are the most common, a wide variety of cushioned shoes are made for neutral runners.

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