How Do You Choose an Optometrist?


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To choose an optometrist, ask for recommendations from your doctor, family, friends and coworkers, or visit the American Optometric Association or American Academy of Ophthalmology to find local eye doctors in your area. Both websites offer search tools for finding board-certified eye professionals.

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To find an optometrist using the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s website, visit the site, click on the tool, and enter the parameters for the search, including ZIP code and city and state. Set a radius for the search by clicking on the appropriate selection, and click the Search button. From the results, view the contact information for the provider and a map showing the provider’s location.

To locate an optometrist using the American Optometrist Association’s website, navigate to the site, click the Find a Doctor link, click Basic or Advanced search, and enter your city and ZIP code. Set the radius for the search by clicking the drop-down Search Within menu. Alternatively, select your state to see all registered American Optometric Association providers in the state, or set other parameters, such as vision providers specializing in contact lenses, cornea problems, vision rehabilitation or sports vision. Click Search to initiate the search.

After an appointment with the optometrist, determine if the doctor meets your expectations by evaluating wait time, exam thoroughness, communication and your level of comfort during the appointment.

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