How Do You Choose a Gynecologic Oncologist?


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Choose a gynecologic oncologist by asking your primary gynecologist for a referral and then deciding how far you're willing to travel. Just over 1,000 board-certified gynecologic oncologists practice in the United States as of 2014, states Angie's List. With many of those in metropolitan areas, travel may be required.

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While some women are comfortable with traveling to see gynecologic oncologists with preferred recommendations or experience, others may visit gynecologic oncologists for initial treatments and then schedule follow-ups with their primary gynecologists closer to home, reports Angie's List.

Also consider your health insurance provider when choosing a gynecologic oncologist, as treatments in-network may prove more financially viable, states Angie's List. When choosing a specialist, be sure of his experience and board certification. Make sure each of these important factors meet your standards.

Utilize websites such as FoundationForWomensCancer.org to search for a specialist and read reviews of treatments. This website allows you to search by distance from your home to find gynecologic oncologists within a certain radius. Enter your home state and ZIP code to see results, and select More Info next to a doctor's name to discover which medical facility the doctor uses as his primary location and to note his contact information. Most importantly, be sure you are comfortable with the bedside manner of any gynecologic oncologist you choose, and don't be afraid to try out more than one to reach your preferred comfort level, states Angie's List.

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