How Do You Choose a Good Surgeon to Repair a Hip Labral Tear?


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When choosing a surgeon to repair a hip labral tear, ask friends, family and your primary doctor for recommendations, review the surgeon's experience and spend time with the surgeon, according to the Hospital for Special Surgery. The hospital should also be examined.

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If a patient has a family member or friend who has had a hip labral tear repair or similar hip surgery, then the patient should ask his or her friend or family member about the experience. These people can provide an honest review of a surgeon, notes the Massachusetts Medical Society. Recommendations can also come from the primary care physician who recommended the need for a specialist.

Patients should also look at the surgeon's experience level when making a decision. How many hip labral tear repair surgeries has the surgeon performed? Where did the surgeon attend school and has the surgeon kept up on his or her continuing education courses? Patients should not be afraid to question the surgeon and should ask basic questions before scheduling a surgery. It is recommended that patients sit down with their surgeon prospects and ask them questions such as, "Is surgery truly necessary?" Another question might be, "What is the hospital's infection rate?" or "What are your success, failure and complication rates?" Good surgeons are willing to share this information with their prospective patients and answer any other questions that the patient has about the surgery.

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