How Do You Choose a Good Surgeon for Your Gallbladder Surgery?


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To choose a good surgeon it is important to base the decision on the doctor's quality of care, skills and knowledge, MedlinePlus recommends. Potential patients can find this information from trusted resources, such as other physicians, consumer health care groups and health care organizations.

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Potential patients should look for surgeons who are board-certified, MedlinePlus says. Doctors who are board-certified in surgery or other specialties get at least 5 more years of additional training after medical school and must past a board exam to receive the certification for their particular specialty.

It is important for patients to ask questions when they meet with the surgeon to discuss the procedure, MedlinePlus states. Ask the doctor how many surgeries of this type she has performed, what sort of complications the surgeon has encountered with the procedure and how the complications were treated. If the surgery requires a specialized skill to perform the surgery, the patient should ask how much training she has had in this particular skill, especially if it is a newer technique.

Hospital credentials can help patients determine the competence of a surgeon, MedlinePlus reports. Hospitals determine if surgeons are experienced and skilled enough to perform particular surgeries in their facility.

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