How Do You Choose a Good Glucose Meter?


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Choose a good glucose meter by selecting a model in your price range that is easy to use and maintain and that has the specific features you want and your physician recommends, advises Mayo Clinic. Be sure to assess the total cost of using the meter, including test strips, after factoring in any insurance coverage when making your decision. Also check out what support options are available if you have problems with your meter or questions about its use.

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When exploring the available meters, pay attention to how easy the meter and test strips are to hold and how well you can see the numbers on the screen, recommends Mayo Clinic. Meters with large, illuminated displays and audio feedback are good choices for those with vision difficulties. Ask how much blood is required and how long it takes the glucose levels appear on the screen. Meters that require smaller drops of blood and that have shorter waiting times are generally easier to use.

Check out the available methods for storing and retrieving a history of your blood glucose levels, adds Mayo Clinic. Some meters allow you to upload your data and email it to your health care provider. Others provide access to online programs that organize your information into charts and graphs and provide helpful information about controlling your blood glucose levels.

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