How Do You Choose an Eye Doctor?


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One of the best ways to start trying to find an eye doctor is to ask people in your social and professional networks for recommendations. Your doctor, friends, family and co-workers are great recommendation sources. Professional organizations, such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology, are also good resources.

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After receiving referrals, it's important to determine what type of eye doctor is the best fit. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who treat eye diseases and perform surgery, but they also test vision. Optometrists are trained to detect eye diseases, but they primarily focus on vision testing. Those who have a personal or family history of serious eye disease may want to see an ophthalmologist, but those who need simple vision testing for glasses or contacts may be best served by an optometrist.

Be prepared to ask questions at the first appointment. Inquire as to how long the eye doctor has been practicing and what the practitioner considers her areas of expertise. Pay attention to details such as how long the average wait for an appointment is and whether the office staff is friendly and professional. The most important factor is how well the eye doctor communicates. Make sure the practitioner explains procedures and answers all of your questions to make sure you can maintain a good doctor-patient relationship.

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