How Do You Choose a Diaper Rash Cream for Adults?


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Creams designed to treat adult diaper rash must include ingredients that create a protective barrier on the skin, which protects skin from moisture, fluids that irritate, uncomfortable friction and bacteria, according to National Incontinence. Barrier creams minimize the skin's contact with bodily fluids and perspiration, while also conditioning the skin.

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Applying a high-quality barrier cream to the affected area before putting on an adult diaper can greatly speed up the healing process, as noted by Adult Diaper Delivery. It is not a good idea to use topical creams or ointments containing antibiotics or hydro-cortisone, since these products are proven to be ineffective for treating adult diaper rash. Likewise, it is not beneficial to use powder containing cornstarch, because this type of powder increases the growth of yeast. Before applying cream, the skin should be washed with a gentle cleanser that removes all traces of urine, fecal matter and odor. The best cleansers to use contain emollients that moisturize the skin without causing irritation, notes National Incontinence.

Disposable adult diapers are more effective in keeping moisture away from skin than cloth diapers. It is important to select adult diapers that fit snugly, and some brands of diapers include soothing skin cream within the material, states Adult Diaper Delivery. To avoid adult diaper rash, it is important to change diapers frequently, keep the area clean and apply protective cream each time.

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