How Do You Choose a Dermatologist?

How Do You Choose a Dermatologist?

When choosing a dermatologist, look for referrals, investigate the dermatologist's credentials and research each doctor's experience, suggests Healthgrades. Read reviews about potential dermatologists from patients, and consider the doctor's hospital affiliations. Find out which dermatologists accept your health insurance.

Look for referrals from your primary care provider as well as from friends and family, advises Healthgrades. Make sure that the suggested dermatologists currently accept new patients and have no history of malpractice claims. Information about a doctor's malpractice and overall disciplinary history is available on state websites.

Make sure that potential dermatologists are board certified by the American Board of Dermatology and not board certified in another field, notes Everyday Health. If you intend to discuss cosmetic procedures with your dermatologist, check for additional board certification from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Also check patient review sites to find out vital information about each dermatologist's office, such as wait times, ease of scheduling appointments and staff professionalism, according to Healthgrades. Reviews can also provide valuable information about how long the doctor spends with each patient and the doctor's communication style.

When meeting a new dermatologist for the first time, ask him if he has an on-call service on nights and weekends to answer important patient questions, states Everyday Health. A good dermatologist also offers samples of products before asking a patient to commit to purchasing a prescription product and avoids sales tactics when explaining potentially beneficial products.