How Do You Choose the Best CoQ10 Supplements?


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You can choose the best CoQ10 supplement by considering the form of the CoQ10 the supplements contain, dosage, other ingredients and the effect it has on energy, according to the websites of Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Dr. Julian Whitaker. Experts differ in opinion about what types of CoQ10 supplements are best.

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One of the two forms of CoQ10, ubiquinol and ubiquinone, is not necessarily better than the other, notes Dr. Stephen Sinatra. While most supplement manufacturers recommend ubiquinol because it?s identical to the CoQ10 the body makes naturally, there is no solid evidence to back up the claim. Dr. Stephen Sinatra reports success with using ubiquinone, especially when it is in a hydrosoluble form. Dr. Sinatra found that ubiquinol actually resulted in a lower CoQ10 blood level when compared to ubiquinone in one patient. Some of his patients complained of fatigue when taking ubiquinol, whereas they report more energy with ubiquinone.

Dr. Julian Whitaker, on the other hand, recommends ubiquinol supplements that are liquid-based. The doctor also recommends supplementing with DHLA in addition to CoQ10 to maximize antioxidant power. The best dose to take is 200 milligrams, according to Dr. Whitaker, as studies show that this particular dosage keeps the arteries relaxed and flexible. The doctor also agrees that the best supplement gives one energy. His requirements for a good supplement include protection to the heart, antioxidant power, an energy boost and support for healthy arteries and blood pressure.

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