How Do You Choose Between Pilates Vs. Yoga?


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The best way to choose between Pilates and yoga is to research the basics of each type of activity along with what each one entails and any other helpful information, including essential props and gear, accessibility to classes and the overall cost. Both types of activities share many similarities, including using breathing techniques and emphasizing a strong core.

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Yoga and Pilates differ in many respects. For example, Pilates relies more on using breath as a technique to ensure that muscles have the energy needed for effective exercise. Yoga is more effective for participants wishing to improve their flexibility. Yoga's roots as a spiritual, meditative practice make it a prime choice for those who want a more spiritual experience during a workout. Unlike yoga, Pilates does not incorporate spirituality. In a Pilates workout, the emphasis is generally on using deep abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor, promoting a deeper focus on anatomy and alignment.

Another notable difference between the two is that while Pilates is a relatively new concept in North America, yoga has been practiced there for several decades. Yoga strives to help condition the body while calming the mind; the goal of a Pilates workout is to tone and strengthen target areas in the body. Yoga classes may require a yoga mat and blocks, while many Pilates classes take place in a location providing all the essential equipment.

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