How Do You Choose the Appropriate Homeopathic Remedy for an Ailment?


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To choose the appropriate homeopathic remedy for an ailment, first find the most noticeable symptom from a rubric, and then look for the specific remedy from the list, according to Kathryn Jones for Elixirs.com. If possible, match a physical and an emotional symptom of an ailment to have more confidence on the remedy.

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Homeopathic repertories are lists of illnesses, symptoms and modalities that provide general and specific information about a condition. Identify the most troublesome symptom you want to address, and then narrow it down to the fine details listed under the symptom, explains Jones. Choose the remedy that best suits the identified symptom. A single remedy may be helpful for several symptoms, so choose the remedy as long as it lists the symptom of concern.

When identifying symptoms, consider the general condition of the patient, including his physical, emotional and mental state, advises alive magazine. Write down the identified symptoms to eliminate the possibility of forgetting. Try out one remedy at a time in the case where several remedies seem appropriate for a given ailment. Wait for 30 minutes before trying the second or third best remedy if the condition remains unchanged. Stop taking a given remedy once it starts working.

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