How Do You Find a Chiropractor?


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One the best ways to find a chiropractor is through getting a referral from a friend, family or another health care provider, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Patients can use the American Chiropractic Association’s Find a Doctor search tool to locate chiropractors in their area.

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There are also state trade associations, such as The Chiropractic Association of Louisiana and the California Chiropractic Association, that maintain a listing for qualified and certified chiropractors, notes the University of Minnesota. Patients looking for specialized care or who want to schedule care for a child should call a chiropractor's office to learn about his qualifications and experience. Also, it is important to check whether a chiropractor is covered under a particular insurance policy.

Before searching for a chiropractor, a person should learn about the differences that exist among chiropractors, states the University of Minnesota. There are a wide range of methods and approaches that exist in chiropractic practice, such as Applied Kinesiology, Motion Palpation and Gonstead. Some chiropractors use X-rays, and others use spinal motion. A person should find out about the specific techniques used and ask for the reason behind their use. It is also important to know if the chiropractor is willing to refer a patient to other specialists.

The cost for chiropractic service varies from one chiropractor to another. Patients with insurance policies should find out if chiropractic care is part of the package.

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