What Are Some Chiropractic Neck Exercises to Relieve Pain?


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Chiropractic neck exercises that relieve neck pain include neck stretches such as the corner stretch and levator scapular stretch. Exercises such as the chin tuck, prone cobra and the back burn postural exercise also relieve neck pain, according to Spine-health.

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Chiropractors diagnose neck pain by evaluating the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine. Chiropractors educate a patient on lifestyle changes, nutrition and stress management techniques that help treat neck pain. Before deciding on a treatment approach to relieve neck pain, a chiropractor thoroughly examines a patient to establish the exact cause of the neck pain, says Spine Universe.

Neck stretches such as the trap stretch, cervical spine extension exercise, and the trap and neck stretch also relieve neck pain. These stretches release tension and relieve shoulder and neck tightness. A person should seek medical attention before starting neck stretching exercises. The cervical spine extension exercise removes downward pressure from the cervical spine and lengthens muscles. This exercise instantly relieves neck pain, according to Complete Care Chiropractic.

Cervical spondylosis and rheumatoid arthritis cause neck pain. Age advancement also increases the risk of developing neck pain. This is because of degeneration of bones in the neck. Home remedies for neck pain include warm baths, yoga exercises and herbal remedies such as turmeric. Smoking increases the risk of developing neck pain, states Everyday Health.

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