What Is Chinese Massage?


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Chinese massage is a form of bodywork that follows the tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine and focuses on restoring the proper balance and flow of energy through the manipulation of skin, muscles and acupuncture points, or meridians, on an individual's body. It involves superficial and deep manipulation.

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Chinese massage therapists use five modalities. Tuina uses pushing and grasping to treat both internal disease and joint and muscle discomfort and injury. Infant tuina addresses children's health by applying tuina techniques to children's unique acupressure points and energy channels. Amno is a general tonic that uses pressing and rubbing to promote overall health and vitality. Dian xue is an acupressure modality in which the therapist applies manual pressure to acupuncture points. Wai qi liao fa uses qigong to transfer healing energy between the practitioner and the recipient.

Chinese medicine is thought to benefit recipients in a number of ways. For example, tuina can break down scar tissue to promote healing and restore mobility to muscles and joints. By increasing circulation, Chinese massage not only restores proper blood flow, it also realigns and balances qi, which is life energy. Finally, by relaxing muscles and easing stress, Chinese massage helps both the mind and the body to work at optimal levels.

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