Which Chinese Foods Have the Most Calories?


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Lo Mein, Chow Fun, sweet and sour chicken, and General Tso’s chicken are among the highest-calorie Chinese dishes, according to FitDay. Lo Mein, made with fatty marbled meats and oil-covered noodles, has more than 1,400 calories per serving. Chow Fun includes fatty meats and fried noodles, packing a 1,200-calorie punch.

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Sweet and sour chicken, which is battered, deep fried and covered in a sugary sauce, contains over 1,100 calories, notes FitDay. Chefs prepare General Tso’s chicken in a similar fashion, breading and deep-frying it before covering it in heavy sauce. One serving of General Tso’s chicken has around 1,300 calories and more than half of the daily allowance of saturated fat.

Fried rice, a popular dish in Chinese cuisine, has 216 calories per cup, with most servings ranging from four to five cups, reveals FitDay. This makes one dish of fried rice equivalent to about 75 percent of the recommended daily caloric intake for one day.

Other high-calorie choices include orange crispy beef, which has 1,500 calories, and lemon chicken, which has 1,400 calories, states Delish. Kung Pao chicken also comes in at 1,400 calories and is high in fat. Eggplant in garlic sauce, another popular Chinese dish, has about 1,000 calories.

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