Is There a Chinese Cure for Excessive Sweating?


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Chinese acupuncture can regulate yin, yan and qi imbalance and harmonize body fluids, such as blood circulation and sweat production, says Acupuncture Arkansas. Other Chinese treatments used with acupuncture include herbal medicine and cupping. Herbal remedies such as astragalus root and ginseng are used to eliminate unnecessary sweating, Shen-Nong suggests.

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Excessive sweating can be treated using traditional acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping techniques, according to Acupuncture Arkansas. These can be combined with oral supplements or herbal ointments prescribed by a Chinese medicine practitioner. Tonic herbs such as white peony root, astragalus root, ginseng and cinnamon twig are often used to bring sweat production back to its normal functioning, explains Shen-Nong.

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