How Do You Get Children to Try New Foods?


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There are a few strategies that parents and caregivers can try when attempting to introduce kids to new foods, including giving the kids some agency of choice, leading by example and introducing new foods in small portions. Giving kids some power to choose, such as asking if they would like a new vegetable cut into coins or cubes or asking for their help selecting a vegetable in the grocery store, may help them feel engaged with the process and might increase enthusiasm.

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How Do You Get Children to Try New Foods?
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Introducing new foods in small portions and being understanding if the child doesn't want to finish his or her portion is another way of making the concept of something new less scary. Additionally, introducing a new food alongside a favorite food, such as a new type of grain mixed with a favorite meat, may make the process less overwhelming for the child. Kids may also find the idea of eating something strange more normal if they see adults eating the same food and enjoying it.

It may also be a good idea to avoid chastising a hesitant child or labeling him or her as a picky eater. Not only might this hurt the child's feelings, but it may also be an excuse to avoid trying new things in the future.

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