What Are Some Chicken Pox Treatments?


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Over-the-counter non-aspirin medications can be used to ease a fever caused by chicken pox, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For people over the age of 12; suffering from a chronic skin or lung disease; receiving steroid therapy or pregnant, antiviral medication is often used in the treatment of chicken pox.

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What Are Some Chicken Pox Treatments?
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While antibiotics are not prescribed to treat chicken pox, they are often used when the sores caused by chicken pox become infected from scratching, according to KidsHealth. Cool, wet compresses are effective to relieve skin discomfort, as are lukewarm baths. Oatmeal bath products are often helpful in relieving the itching associated with chicken pox. Once a person finishes bathing, he should pat the skin dry and not rub it.

According to KidsHealth, calamine lotion can be used to minimize itching on the body, with the exception of the face. Soft, cold and bland foods should be served, as chicken pox in the mouth can make chewing and swallowing uncomfortable. Avoiding foods that are acidic or salty is recommended. Children should be discouraged from scratching the sores to prevent a secondary infection. Using gloves or mittens placed on the hands and keeping fingernails trimmed can help prevent scratching.

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