Will Cheerios Reduce High Triglycerides?

As part of a balanced diet emphasizing soluble fiber and reduced processed sugar consumption, Cheerios can help reduce bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels, according to the Diet Channel. Foods high in soluble fiber have considerable effects on bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Alcohol and processed sugars are key contributors to high triglyceride levels, states the Diet Channel. Common foods recommended for reducing triglycerides include Cheerios, oat bran, beans, apples, artichokes, oatmeal and bran. It is important to note this refers to whole-grain Cheerios made from rolled oats. Studies have also proven the effectiveness of black tea in reducing bad cholesterol levels; participants who drank 5 cups a day had significantly improved levels of bad cholesterol.

The FDA cited General Mills for misrepresentation of scientific evidence for Cheerios' health benefits, reports WebMD. While the FDA does agree whole-grain foods such as Cheerios can play an important role in reducing coronary heart disease in conjunction with a healthy diet, General Mills separates this claim from Cheerios' cholesterol-fighting abilities. The FDA reminds the general public that these are not two separate effects, but that lower cholesterol levels are simply a result of reduced risk of coronary heart disease. General Mills' claims of Cheerios reducing stomach and colon cancer are also not FDA-approved health claims.