How Do You Check Your Symptoms Online?


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Individuals can check medical symptoms online by using a symptom checker, such as the one provided by WebMD. A symptom checker collects information about the symptoms and the individual, and provides details about the symptoms and what causes them, explains WebMD.

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The first step in using the WebMD symptom checker is to enter age, gender and whether you are checking symptoms for yourself or someone else. Next, select the area of the body on the body map where the symptom occurs. The symptom checker provides a list of symptoms in that area of the body. When you select a symptom, the checker refines your symptom through a series of questions. You can add more than one symptom for evaluation. Additionally, symptoms can be added manually by using the provided search box. After you enter all of your symptoms, the checker populates a list of all possible conditions. Click on a condition to learn more about additional symptoms, treatment options and whether it is necessary to contact a doctor, recommends WebMD.

Other symptom checkers provide similar information through a different process, such as Isabel Healthcare. To use the Isabel symptom checker, first enter your age group, gender and region. Next, type in your symptom and select the closest match from the populated list. After adding all relevant symptoms, the symptom checker provides a list of possible diagnoses. The populated list includes common diagnoses, as well as diagnoses that require immediate medical attention, according to Isabel Healthcare.

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