How Do I Check Myself Into a Mental Hospital?


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To be voluntarily admitted to a mental hospital, first determine the most suitable hospital, advises ReachOut. Doctors and psychiatrists can refer patients to appropriate facilities. Individuals needing mental health services can also contact psychiatric facilities directly regarding admission. The facility provides specific admission procedures.

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Friends or family can help a patient with the admission process, or the patient can handle the admission process himself, according to ReachOut. Once at the hospital, a doctor consults with the patient and recommends a course of treatment. Unlike involuntary commitment, patients checking themselves into psychiatric hospitals must agree to be admitted and have the right to decline admission.

Mental health facilities allow people suffering from a wide variety of illnesses to recover in a supportive environment, explains ReachOut. Standard treatments include group therapy, individual therapy and medication. Patients also have personal time for reflection, and friends and family can usually visit during specified hours. Some facilities allow certain patients to go home on the weekends.

Costs of staying in a psychiatric hospital vary widely by facility, notes ReachOut. For example, some require a small fee and are primarily funded by donations, while others are private institutions that are expensive for the average person. Insurance plans often cover psychiatric hospital treatment.

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