How Do You Check Your Blood Sugar Level When You Have Type 2 Diabetes?


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To check your blood sugar level when you have Type 2 diabetes, follow the specific instructions included with your glucose meter, states Mayo Clinic. A glucose meter is an electronic device that reads a blood sample to determine the amount of sugar in your blood.

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Although the instructions may vary by device, the first step is to wash and dry your hands thoroughly, recommends Mayo Clinic. Next, insert a testing strip into the glucose meter. Draw blood by pricking your finger with the lancet included with the glucose meter. Squeeze the finger gently until a drop of blood is present. Touch the drop of blood to the testing strip. The glucose meter should show the blood sugar level within a few seconds.

When applying blood to the testing strip, it is important to add a large enough amount, according to Mayo Clinic. However, do not add more blood after the first drop is applied. If your blood sugar levels are falling or rising quickly, while exercising or after eating for example, readings from other parts of the body such as the palm or forearm may not be as accurate as with blood drawn from the fingertip. If you believe a reading may not be accurate, test again using blood from the fingertip.

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