How Do You Chart Your Weight When Following the Atkins Diet?


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Chart your weight when following the Atkins diet by using the Atkins Carb Tracker app, or on a printable chart such as the ones available from FreePrintableMedicalForms.com. During the first phases of the Atkins diet, weigh yourself daily to chart your progress accurately.

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The Atkins Carb Tracker app is a free app available for both Apple and Android devices. While following the Atkins diet, use the app to chart the food you eat, the number of carbohydrates and calories you consume, and your weight. The app allows users to track their weight loss over time.

This app also provides users with information such as recipes, allows them to set weight and calorie goals, and features activity trackers to chart exercise levels in relation to weight loss. If you do not have a device that is compatible with the Carb Tracker app, you may also use a printable chart. Free Printable Medical Forms offers a number of downloadable weight loss charts that allow the user to track different measurements including weight and girth measurements.

When tracking your weight over a period of time, always weigh yourself in the morning, preferably before eating or drinking. Wear as little clothing as possible while weighing yourself. The average individual experiences minor weight fluctuations on a daily basis due to factors including weather, hormones and salt intake.

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