How Do You Chart the Effects of Fruit Juice Acidity on Heartburn?

To chart the effects of fruit juice acidity on heartburn, write down the type and amount of juice that you drank in a sitting, followed by any heartburn symptoms that were experienced. Over time, this log may give you an idea of what juices cause your heartburn symptoms and how much juice you are able to safely drink.

Individuals who suffer from frequent heartburn may benefit from tracking their intake of specific foods and determine which foods trigger heartburn. For tracking the effect of juices, use a journal such as the ones shown on and Record your juice consumption, any heartburn symptoms that you experience, and the time at which they occur. Indicate the severity of the heartburn.

Continue recording your juice intake and heartburn symptoms for a few weeks. If you notice that your heartburn seems to be triggered by certain juices or larger amounts of juice, try to adjust your intake accordingly. You may wish to continue recording your juice intake to see if the changes improve your symptoms. It is advisable to show the journal to your doctor or another medical professional to better determine the underlying causes of your heartburn and some possible solutions.