How Do You Charge Your Fitbit?


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A Fitbit Flex is charged by removing the tracker found inside the wristband and inserting it into the charging cable that comes with the device, the charging cable is charged through a USB port. Once the rechargeable Fitbit Flex battery is fully charged, it lasts approximately 5 hours.

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How Do You Charge Your Fitbit?
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Below are the steps to charge the Fitbit Flex.

  1. Insert the tracker into the charging cable
  2. Remove the tracker from the Fitbit Flex wristband and insert it into the charging cable. The tracker is inserted by lining up the rounded end with the cable and pushing it into place at a slight angle. When the tracker is inserted into the cable, the user should hear a click to dictate that it is securely in place.

  3. Plug in the charging cable
  4. Plug the charging cable into an available USB port, such as one from a computer, iPod or other mobile device. The charging cable can also be plugged into a UL-certified wall charger.

  5. Allow the Fitbit to charge
  6. The charging process can take up to three full hours for a complete charge. The LED lights on the Fitbit pulseevery few seconds while charging. Solid color lights display as the charging process progresses. Once all five indicator lights become solid, the charging process is complete.

  7. Replace the tracker
  8. Once the battery is fully charges, remove the tracker from the charging cable and insert it back into the unit in the same manner it was removed.

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