What Are Some Characteristics of Rashes on Feet?


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Characteristics of a rash on the feet may include areas on the skin that are bumpy, red, swollen, scaling, flaking or blistering, reports Healthgrades. Contact dermatitis, psoriasis and viral and fungal infections are common causes of skin rashes on the feet.

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Contact dermatitis is an inflammatory skin condition that can result in an itchy, red and bumpy skin rash on one or both of the feet and is caused if the skin of the foot has an adverse reaction to something it came into contact with, explains Healthgrades and Healthline. Skin irritants such as the chemicals in soap or detergent can cause a rash that may be warm and tender ooze, or become raw and thickened, notes MedlinePlus. Additionally, insect bites, poison ivy and poison oak can cause an itchy skin rash. Psoriasis is another inflammatory skin condition that commonly causes a foot rash and is characterized by inflammation and white scaly spots that erupt on the feet.

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is caused by a viral infection and results in a non-itchy rash on the feet and hands. This virus also causes blisters to form on the skin. The blisters generally last for a week and then break open and crust over, states Healthgrades and WebMD. A fungal infection such as athlete’s foot normally causes dry flaky skin. However, if the infection is more severe, it can cause the skin to become red, peel or blister, according to MedicineNet.

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