What Are Some Characteristics of a Rash Under the Eyes?

What Are Some Characteristics of a Rash Under the Eyes?

Rashes under the eyes have varying causes that produce different characteristics, but some include stinging, burning, itching and redness, according to DermNet NZ. The eyelids may swell and turn red. If the rashes persist, the skin around the affected areas becomes thick and scaly.

The skin around the eyelid is usually very thin, which makes it prone to irritation and allergens. If the skin in other parts of the body is exposed to the same conditions that cause the rashes, in most cases it are not affected, states DermNet NZ.

One common disease that causes rashes around the eyelid is dermatitis, claims DermaNet NZ. There are two types of dermatitis based on the nature of the causes. Irritant eyelid contact dermatitis occurs when the skin around the eyelid suffers injury, which causes an innate itching reaction. It has nothing to do with antibodies or immune cells.

Among the substances that can cause irritant dermatitis are dust particles, chemicals such as chlorine, acids, alkalis, and beauty products such as eyeliner and mascara, explains DermaNet NZ.

The second variant of the disease is known as allergic eyelid contact dermatitis, notes DermaNet NZ. This occurs when the immune system reacts to a trigger, which is the allergen. In most situations, the substance is one that the victim has been exposed to on several occasions with no problem. The rash normally manifests after a day or several days after encountering the allergen.