What Are Some Characteristics of Precancerous Skin Lesions?


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Symptoms of precancerous lesions include persistent scaly patches frequently on the scalp or lip, small horn-shaped growths, and moles that are oddly colored, oddly shaped or changing. Precancerous lesions are identified by WebMD as abnormalities in skin cells that may become cancer.

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People should pay close attention to moles that are more likely to be precancerous lesions. Following the ABCDE method helps individuals remember what to look for when examining moles, WebMD recommends. ABCDE stands for asymmetry, border, color, diameter and evolution.

One way to identify a precancerous mole is to compare it to other moles on the body, explains WebMD. A difference in size, shape or texture may indicate precancerous cells. Anyone who is suspicious of a mole or other skin abnormality should consult his doctor for a skin cancer check. Identifying precancerous lesions early is critical to successful treatment.

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