What are some characteristics of a good wife?


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Some characteristics of a good wife include sharing a common belief system with the husband and bringing out the best behavior from the husband. A good wife loves her husband and uses her wisdom to participate in the management of household affairs.

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Another characteristic of a good wife is trustworthiness. A husband needs to know he can trust his wife with concerns and personal secrets. If a husband and wife do not trust each other, bitterness and suspicion can arise in the relationship.

Similarly, a good wife has ambition. She has goals for her own life, and she possesses the confidence she needs to pursue those goals. A good wife puts her life's plans into action, although this may or may not include having a job. She has sufficient energy and desire to put her plans into action, set goals for herself and works to obtain those goals.

A wife's beauty includes an attractive personality. Part of having an attractive personality is getting along with the husband's family and friends. Although a wife might not get along with every one of the husband's friends and family, a woman who generally fits in well with the husband's social circle is likely a compatible spouse. An ability to make and keep a social circle is also a characteristic of a good wife because it encourages the husband to find a fulfilling social life.

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