What are some characteristic traits of borderline personality disorder?


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Characteristics of borderline personality disorder include reckless behavior, unpredictable moods, unstable relationships and the inability to control emotions or thoughts, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Individuals with borderline personality disorder are also at risk for other behavioral health issues, such as depression, addiction and suicidal behavior.

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What are some characteristic traits of borderline personality disorder?
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Research on the causes of borderline personality disorder indicate both environmental and genetic factors, NIMH states. Growing up around unstable relationships may increase the likelihood of a person developing the condition. Studies have also indicated a strong genetic tie. Researchers in 2015 are studying the genes that help control impulses and emotions to determine if there is a link.

Approximately 1.6 percent of the adults in the United States are thought to have borderline personality disorder, as of 2015, reports NIMH. Although some studies point to symptoms in childhood, most research indicates that the onset of the condition begins in adolescence or early adulthood.

Because many sufferers of borderline personality disorder frequently have additional behavioral health issues, it is often more difficult to diagnose, NIMH explains. It is believed that up to 85 percent of border personality patients have co-existing disorders. Women tend to also have eating disorders, depression and anxiety. Men tend to experience substance abuse or antisocial personality disorder.

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